'Konchem Koththaga' Review: A New Experiment

'Konchem Koththaga' Review: A New Experiment
Film: Konchem Koththaga
Rating: 2/5

Cast: Venkat, Tulip Joshi, Ali, Ashish Vidyarthi, Benerjee and Johnny Lever (in guest role)
Music: Raju Rao
Art: Krishna Mudiraj
Cinematography: Arun Kumar
Editing: Anirudra Reddy C
Story, Dialogue, Direction: Raju Rajendra Prasad
Producer: Satish and Abraham
Released On: 28 June 2008
A girl (Tulip Joshi) lives in a bungalow. She spends time reading News Paper, magazines and solving puzzles. She listens to some noise in the house but finds no one. She feels she is alone. But she is not. There is another man in the house (Venkat). He too feels the same. He feels he is alone in that bungalow but not. He listens to some noises but never faces the girl. Meanwhile a thief comes into the bungalow. Then in an attempt to catch the thief, both the man and girl happen to see each other. Then a police cop enters the house. The secret relating to a couple of murders in the bungalow sees light. What are those murders? Who are murderers? Who are the girl and man? That has to be watched on screen.
Venkat is muscular and healthy as usual. But his dialogue delivery is still childish. He needs to improve on that. Tulip Joshi is very attractive and played her role in adequate form. Benerjee as police cop is right choice. Ali's comedy is ok. Johnny Lever made his first appearance on Tollywood screen in a guest appearance but no dialogue for him. Ashish Vidyarthi and Latha Sabarwal are ok.
Editing is very crispy and that deserves good mention. Cinematography is also made with some taste and effort. Director's zeal to narrate something new is seen though out.
What is 'Koththa' in this?
No dialogues in first half
Entry of Bollywood Comedian Johnny Lever in last scene of the film
Entire film runs only inside the bungalow
The film is somewhat close to 'Vyayoga', the old style of rupakam. There are only two lady characters and more male characters. Entire story completes in one day and that too in single location. Crime and horror plays vital role in narration. All these qualities of a drama come under 'Vyayoga' apparently.
Coming to the point, the film is made with an idea to experiment. But the experiment made with less energy level. The required impact is not worked out on horror elements. Had the horror aspect been stronger, the film would have become the best experiment. Adding to this, the horror elements are limited and they are repeated several times bringing boredom among audiences. The plot chosen is ok. The film picks up only in second half.
First half of the movie runs very slow and to underline there are no dialogues in entire first half. That is another experiment indeed. The film deserves appreciation for the range of experimentation. The budget also appears to be very limited. That way the film can easily fall on right side of the business if some publicity adds to it. We cannot expect break through collections for this film at box office but can certainly do break even with little publicity, considering the budget incurred on this.
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