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YSRTP not a political party, but an NGO: Revanth

YSRTP not a political party, but an NGO: Revanth

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee president and Lok Sabha member from Malkajgiri Anumula Revanth Reddy does not want to attach much importance to the new-regional party floated by Y S Sharmila, daughter of former chief minister of combined Andhra Pradesh Dr Y S Rajasekhar Reddy.

When asked to react on the comments made by Sharmila accusing the Congress of backstabbing YSR in the past, Revanth Reddy said he won’t care her comments at all.

“We are least bothered Sharmila and her statements,” he said.

He even said he would not consider YSR Telangana party as a political party at all.

“It is just a non-governmental organisation (NGO). We won’t take it seriously. We can react on the comments made by political parties and leaders, but not an NGO activist,” he said.

Revanth advised the media persons also not to take Sharmila’s party seriously, as it would help Telangana very much.

“She has some issues with her brother Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy and she is turning her frustration on the Congress party in Telangana,” he said.

In the morning, Sharmila rebutted the allegations that she had floated the YSR Telangana party because she was upset with her brother Jagan.

“This is not correct. If I am upset with my brother, I will stop talking to him, but not float a political party,” she said.

She clarified that she had decided to launch a party because she genuinely felt the Telangana people were meted out injustice.

“YSRTP was established not for my political interests. I felt there is a need to launch a political party to do justice to the people of the state,” Sharmila said.

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