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Will RTC strike be KCR's Waterloo?

Will RTC strike be KCR's Waterloo?

Narendra Modi’ popularity is at an all-time high following the scrapping of Article 370 in Kashmir.

While no other government till date has taken a decision on the issue, Modi went ahead and did away with the article 370 gladdening the hearts of Indians across the globe.

Only a man who can put the nation’s interests ahead of politics and personal gain can take such a step.

Today, Indians feel that what seemed impossible till yesterday, might actually take place in Modi’s reign…..taking back PoK.

But coming to the point, KCR might have decided to act tough like Modi in dealing with the RTC strike and thereby earn plaudits for being a no-nonsense leader. Unfortunately, there’s a significant difference in the situations.

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While Modi’s move was aimed at alienating the enemy, KCR’s tough stand is against people who are part and parcel of Telangana.

If KCR thought that he would have the support of the general public who are normally skeptical of the efficiency of government employees, the equation has changed with the two suicides of RTC employees.

This has made it a highly emotive issue now, something that the people of Telangana thrive on and where logic takes a backseat.

Did KCR try to imitate Modi and act strong by dismissing nearly 50,000 employees in one go? Only time will tell whether this will turn out to be KCR’s Waterloo!

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