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Why KCR hasn't met Tamilisai till now?

Why KCR hasn't met Tamilisai till now?

It has been more than two months since Tamilisai Soundararajan was sworn in as the Governor of Telangana state, in place of E S L Narasimhan, who had been in the gubernatorial post for nearly a decade.

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao happened to meet Tamilisai only once – on the day she took over as the Governor on September 8.

After that, he did not make even a single attempt to meet her, though Pragathi Bhavan is hardly a kilometre away from Raj Bhavan.

This was never the situation in the past. When Narasimhan was the Governor, KCR used to be a regular visitor to Raj Bhavan at least twice a month.

He used to touch the feet of Narasimhan and discuss even personal issues with him (a fact which KCR himself admitted during the farewell given to Narasimhan at Pragati Bhavan), apart from official matters.

Whenever he had to take important decisions, whether it was related to passage of certain bills in the assembly or announcement of a new scheme, KCR used to go to Raj Bhavan and brief Narasimhan about the same, so that there would be no objection from Raj Bhavan while getting the gazette notification.

At the same time, Narasimhan used to give a lot of importance to KCR and the latter had a smooth relationship with the Centre during the Modi-1 regime only because of Narasimhan who submitted reports to the Centre in favour of the KCR government.

But ever since Tamilisai took over as the Governor, the relations between Pragati Bhavan and Raj Bhavan are not so smooth.

While KCR has been avoiding going to Raj Bhavan even for courtesy sake, the TRS leaders, too, have been staying away from her.

Even during the ongoing crisis due to RTC workers’ strike, KCR did not go to Raj Bhavan even once to explain his government’s stand.

May be KCR is treating her as a BJP leader, rather than a Governor, as she was appointed by the Centre without even consulting him.

Secondly, the way she has been entertaining the opposition parties, unlike Narasimhan, has also upset the TRS president.

In any case, the relations between the Governor and chief minister seem to have strained!


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