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Wake Up KCR, Wake Up TRS

Wake Up KCR, Wake Up TRS

Telangana Congress party on Tuesday lashed out at the Telangana government led by CM KCR for continuing to be in deep slumber at a time when the number of Covid-19 cases is shooting up and the hospitals are not in a position to cope up with the increasing number of positive cases.

"Wake up KCR, wake up TRS Government," said Telangana PCC chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, addressing a press conference.

He demanded that the State Government adopt a scientific and rational policy to deal with the Covid-19 situation. 

He reiterated the demand that mineral funds for this year should be utilised to upgrade medical infrastructure in the districts.

Further, he said that the Central Government has announced Rs. 50 lakh ex-gratia for the medical professional and sanitation staff if they die of Covid-19. He said this should be implemented in Telangana. 

He also demanded that police personnel and journalists should also be treated as frontline warriors against Coronavirus and Rs. 50 lakh ex-gratia should be given if they die due to Coronavirus. 

Stating that the Coronavirus cases are increasing across Telangana in an alarming proportion, Uttam Kumar Reddy blamed the negligent attitude and unscientific, irrational and illogical approach of KCR for the rise in Covid-19 cases in Telangana. 

He alleged that KCR considers himself to be an authority on all subjects like irrigation, agriculture and now Coronavirus.

He said KCR's 'I know everything' attitude has pushed Telangana closest to the crater of Covid-19 volcano with thousands of people getting infected with the deadly virus. 

Uttam alleged that the TRS Government has cheated the people by under-testing and under-reporting cases of Coronavirus only to create a false impression that it has controlled the spread of virus. Information was suppressed and statistics were manipulated to make false claims of less number of Covid-19 deaths and cases in Telangana. 

He said the government labs were not fully utilised and despite approval by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and directions by the High Court, private labs were not permitted to conduct Covid-19 tests.

He said that the Congress party even approached the Governor seeking her intervention to increase Covid-19 tests in the State.

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