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TV9 Rajinikanth files cases against digital media

TV9 Rajinikanth files cases against digital media

Popular anchor and managing director of TV9 television channel V Rajinikanth on Thursday filed criminal cases against several digital media and social media groups for allegedly spreading false news against him and tarnishing his image.

Based on his complaint, the Cybercrime police of Hyderabad, registered cases against the accused under Sections 469 (forgery to damage one’s reputation) and 505 (1) (c) (spreading information intending to create hatred or enmity) of the Indian Penal Code.

In his complaint to the police, Rajinikanth stated that some unknown persons had morphed pictures with fake content with his images and circulating them on social media.

He quoted several Telugu websites, YouTube channels and social media sites including WhatsApp and Facebook.

For the last two days, these websites, YouTube channels and social media groups have been spreading news that there were Income Tax raids on Rajinikanth on coming to know that he had gone to New Delhi in a special flight arranged by his business partner.

These media groups described Rajinikanth as the richest journalist in the country with a lot of business interests.

They also claimed that he had prime properties in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Amaravati and had close business links with YSRCP leaders.


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