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Singa Rao moves out of TV9: What's up?

Singa Rao moves out of TV9: What's up?

Trouble seems to be brewing in popular television channel TV9, which has been witnessing a steady decline in its profits for the last few months, thanks to Covid-19 pandemic and recession in media market.

The latest victim of this crisis is Gottipati Singa Rao, the chief operating officer (COO) of TV9. On Monday, Singa Rao has called it quits to the channel, apparently due to some issues with the promoters.

He confirmed to Greatandhra.com that he had decided to move out of the channel after due consultation with the promoters. It is not immediately known what prompted him to take the decision, but sources indicated that he had been under tremendous pressure to bring the channel out of the financial crisis.

Though designated as the COO, it was Singa Rao who had been handling the entire management of the channel on behalf of the new promoters – Jupally Rameshwar Rao of My Home Group and Krishna Reddy of Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited.

Having started his career as a business reporter in Eenadu, Singa Rao is known to be a tough task master. He had been in the business of media management for quite some.

He had administered the managerial affairs in 10 TV till he moved to TV9 and also in Maa TV earlier till the ownership moved to Star Group.

But it was a different ball game in TV9. The channel was plagued with several issues, including legal battle with earlier CEO V Ravi Prakash.

It was not so easy to bring the company out of the financial crisis and keep the channel in No. 1 position in terms of revenues and viewership.

May be because of this growing pressure, Singa Rao has decided to quit the channel. It is not exactly known whether he will continue to sail with the My Home Group or will be moving out of the entire group to join a new venture.

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