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Shocking: Shameless Act Of BRS MLA Candidate

Shocking: Shameless Act Of BRS MLA Candidate

Padi Kaushik Reddy is currently serving as an MLC and is now contesting for the position of MLA from the Huzurabad Assembly Constituency.

He previously contested in 2018 but was unsuccessful. This time, his opponent is the formidable candidate Eetela Rajender of the BJP.

Kaushik Reddy stooped to the level of publicly stating that he and his family would commit mass suicide if the Huzurabad voters do not grant him victory this time.

The Election Commission has already warned him to provide an explanation and reprimanded him for resorting to such talk.

Not stopping there, he later released a video on social media. In the video, he was seated between his wife and daughter, earnestly pleading with somber expressions. 

Kaushik mentioned that despite losing in 2018, he remains loyal to the voters, urging everyone to vote for him and secure victory.

His wife, showing her saree pallu, expressed her plea, begging Huzurabad voters to ensure her husband's victory and protect him. His minor daughter also made a similar appeal to elect her father.

The desperation and depressive nature of this campaign raise questions. It is unprecedented in democratic Indian history to witness a candidate resorting to such levels to beg for votes. 

The concern is whether individuals displaying such psychological weakness should even be allowed to contest in the first place. Someone who openly talks about committing suicide along with their family should seek psychiatric help.

Many people on social media are expressing disbelief and disappointment at this nonsensical and bitter campaign, with some trolling and others lamenting the unfortunate turn of events.

Some say he really wants to win because it might get him a Ministry, especially by beating the tough opponent Eetela Rajender. He thinks winning now is the perfect time to prove he's capable and successful.

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