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Ravi Prakash must attend May 15 questioning

Ravi Prakash must attend May 15 questioning

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad cyber crime police will serve a notice to V Ravi Prakash, former CEO of Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd, under Section 41 CrPC, asking him to be present before the investigating officer at 11 am on May 15.

With Ravi Prakash failing to present himself before the police to record his statements under Section 160 of CrPC (requiring attendance of witness), twice, the police had to take a step further and serve the notice under Section 41 of CrPC (police officer may without an order from a magistrate and without a warrant, arrest an person under certain circumstances).

Two cases were registered against Ravi Prakash and others in connection with the complaints lodged by P Kaushik Rao, director of Alanda Media and Entertainments Pvt Ltd, alleging forgery and theft of data from ABCPL.

Former chief financial officer of ABCPL M.K.V.N. Murthy has appeared twice for questioning.

With this, the investigators of the case have decided to serve notice to Mr Prakash under Section 41.

“Ravi Prakash has failed to attend questioning twice despite serving notices under Section 160 of CrPC. A fresh notice under Section 41 of CrPC is served to him to attend for questioning before the investigating officer of the case before 11 am on May 15,” official sources said.

The sources said that they would arrest Ravi Prakash if fails to attend on May 15.



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