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Poll: Will TRS Win Big In GHMC Elections?

Poll: Will TRS Win Big In GHMC Elections?

The GHMC elections are the talk of the town now in Hyderabad. The recent floods and the suffering of lakhs of Hyderabadis are potential enough to bring anti incumbency waves in a big way.  

BJP has also started blaming the TRS for the poor flood control systems prevailing in the city. 

The idea to distribute Rs 10,000 to all the victims of floods has got backfired in some places.

But still TRS is confident of winning the election assuming that the flood victims are cooled down with Rs 10,000 compensation. 

On the other hand, even the recent Dubbak result has rung the warning bell to the TRS party.

BJP has tightened its muscles more than before. So , in these circumstances will it be a cakewalk for the TRS to win more seats in these GHMC elections?

Share your opinion in this online poll. 

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