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Opinion: Why KCR is failing with a coalition

Opinion: Why KCR is failing with a coalition

In recent times, KCR has made several attempts to stitch together a ‘Federal Front’ as an alternative to the Congress and BJP.

Although he did meet several prominent leaders, both national and regional, in this pursuit, his efforts came a cropper with no Party or individual evincing any interest in his idea.

On the other hand, the giant tidal wave called ‘Hindutva’ spearheaded by the BJP is sweeping across the nation and the saffron boys are now focused on making their mark down South as well.

They’ve successfully formed the government in Karnataka and have now set their sights on the other States as well with Telangana heading the list.

Given that Telangana, especially Hyderabad has a sizeable Muslim population and the frequent unprovoked, inflammatory remarks being made by the Owaisis, it is but natural that the BJP finds the atmosphere to its liking.

KCR played a key role in realizing the dream of Telangana and eliminating the Andhras from the political landscape of Telangana.

The Telangana sentiment came in handy for him whenever the Opposition comprised Andhra political parties but henceforth, he cannot lay claim to that tool anymore. In 2024, the yardstick for his re-election will be ‘development’ alone.

KCR is an extremely shrewd politician and is definitely aware of the looming threat from the BJP.

Having initiated massive projects like ‘Kaleswaram, Mission Kakatiya and Bhagiratha’, the TRS Chief can be held hostage in the form of an inquiry into these projects by the Centre.

Armed with foresight and to counter the possible impending onslaught by the BJP, KCR has tried to form a coalition of Southern States which would act as a bulwark.

As part of this, he has befriended both Stalin and YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. YS Jagan’s support would be especially crucial for him in Parliament given that the YSRCP has a strong contingent of 22 MP in the Lok Sabha.

The TRS Party Chief who was instrumental in blocking YS Jagan’s Telangana leg of ‘Odarpu Yatra’ at Mahboobabad, showered Jagan with praises and felicitated him frequently after the latter became CM.

But even YS Jagan of late, seems to be charting his own territory and not acting under any specific suggestions or insinuations from KCR.

In other words, Jagan through his actions has declared that he is his own man and will not be guided by any eternal influences. Which brings us to the question: Why is KCR failing in his efforts to garner support?

The resounding answer is: credibility! And this precisely is the difference between a leader and a politician.

KCR had promised to merge the TRS with the Congress if Telangana was granted Statehood. He did not fulfill his promise and this is one of the reasons why Mamata Banerjee and Stalin who are Congress supporters, do not trust KCR.

As for YS Jagan, it is highly unlikely that a man who defied Sonia Gandhi herself would bow to someone like KCR.

Chandrababu Naidu can be called a complete politician or rather, a pure politician because he would do only what the situation demands and not what is perhaps moral or moored in ideology.

In that sense, KCR is perhaps the Telangana version of Chandrababu. Till date, all his actions have been geared towards acquiring and cementing power at the expense of credibility.

Credibility is what turns a politician into a leader. And until KCR acquires that, he will fail in any efforts at forming a third front or envisioning a more powerful role for himself on the national scene.



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