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NRI Velamas On Revanth Reddy's Caste Politics

NRI Velamas On Revanth Reddy's Caste Politics

It is known that Revanth Reddy, The Telangana State Congress President has been giving public speeches against the ruling TRS government. But some of his speeches disturbed the NRI Velamas and they responded in their way.

The NRI Velamas, conveying a message to Revath Reddy mentioned- "Being a state unit president we expected you to behave a little more responsibly. Instead of taking everyone along seeking refuge in cheap divisive caste politics may help you fetch cheers, bravos, and applause from certain quarters but take away what is more required of a leader holding such a responsible position, credibility".

The NRI Velamas also continued to say- "Targeting a particular caste just because your political opponent happens to belong to that caste and working to divide the society on the basis of caste and religion to grab power rather than focusing on apprising the electorate how better and how different would your party deal with the pressing issues like poverty, corruption, and development, given the opportunity, would only boomerang on you and your party".

They concluded with the final note- "Finally, people are no fools to not realize pure election stunts from sincere and constructive efforts to win them back".

We have to see the take of Revanth Reddy on this.


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