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Nag, Ravi Teja trolled for Kaleshwaram comments!

Nag, Ravi Teja trolled for Kaleshwaram comments!

Actors Akkineni Nagarjuna and Ravi Teja have been trolled by netizens for their comments on the inauguration of Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project on Friday.

Both the actors took to Twitter to praise KCR and KTR for the speedy completion of Kaleshwaram.

This angered netizens who took potshots at them for ignoring T Harish Rao, who as irrigation minister in KCR's first term, played a key role in the speedy execution of project.

Netizens expressed ire at Nagarjuna for complimenting only KCR and KTR and ignoring Harish.

They alleged that Nagarjuna in his attempt to please KCR and KTR deliberately ignored Harish.

Netizens expressed anger at Ravi Teja saying that he should ask anyone in Telangana about the role of Harish in execution of irrigation project but he should not make such comments out of his ignorance.

Some netizens asked him whether Ravi Teja praised only KCR and KTR because they closed the drugs case booked against him.

Netizens said Nagarjuna and Ravi Teja did 'chemchagiri' for KCR and KTR for their selfish interests but Telangana society knows very well the role of Harish in Kaleshwaram.

Netizens questioned them why did they praise KTR who had no role in Kaleshwaram and said this exposed their "true colours".



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