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Mojo TV staff gets four and half months' salary?

Mojo TV staff gets four and half months' salary?

Management of Mojo TV, a popular Telugu television channel which was wound up last week, on Saturday claimed that it has paid wages for four-and-a-half months as compensation for the closure.

According to a statement from the channel, the management has offered to pay the highest compensation ever paid by any of the closed television channels in the state, including No.1 TV, 6TV, Express News, Gemini and Zee-24 hours etc.

“The employees are extremely happy with the money offered by Mojo TV management, as no employee got such a hefty package in any of the closed channel. In fact, many channels evaded payment to the employees after closure and only Gemini and Zee 24 Hours had done justice to their staff to some extent,” the statement said.

The statement also pointed out that former TV9 chief executive officer V Ravi Prakash had started Mojo TV with the funds belonging to TV9, for his personal benefits.

“The salaries of employees were also paid with the diverted funds. But after TV9 changed hands, Mojo TV started facing funds crunch,” it said.

While the old management threw up its hands in running Mojo TV, the new management which took over the channel also felt that the channel was not financially viable.

So, within two months of taking over Mojo TV, the management decided to wind up the channel.

“Though there was not profit of even a single rupee, it is commendable that the Mojo TV management has decided to pay four-and-a-half months’ salary to the outgoing staff,” the statement added.



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