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KCR's 2BHK houses pose law and order problems!

KCR's 2BHK houses pose law and order problems!

Giving 2BHK houses for all the poor for free was one of the main poll promises of TRS in 2014 as well as in recent 2018 Assembly polls.

However, KCR failed to construct and allot even 5,000 2BHK houses even after coming to power twice contrary to his tall claims of constructing 2.80 lakh houses in his first term itself.

With this, people who kept hopes on 2BHK houses are losing their patience.

In Khammam district, 20 2BKH houses were built in Musalimadugu village. Though they were completed six months ago, the government failed to allot them to anyone. These houses were simply locked and kept idle.

Having been waiting for months, people lost patience and forcibly occupied the houses on their own.

People broke open the locks and shifted their belongings into 2BHK houses.

With this, district collector and SP had to deploy heavy police force to evict the beneficiaries from these houses.

They had to struggle for three days to evict them as women strongly resisted their attempts to evict them.

If KCR delays 2BHK scheme further, there is no doubt that the same scenes would repeat in other districts too.

Then 2BHK scheme would pose a law and order problem in Telangana in the coming days.



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