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KCR to weed out bad elements from CMO!

KCR to weed out bad elements from CMO!

After ruthlessly sacking high-profile public relations officer Gatika Vijay Kumar from the chief minister’s office and also from the electricity department, Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is learnt to have decided to overhaul the CMO.

According to sources, KCR has instructed the intelligence department to submit dossiers of all the officials and non-officials working in the CMO to find out the level of corruption deeply rooted in the government.

“It appears he has decided to overhaul the entire administration and weed out the bad elements. Apparently, KCR has realised that the corruption in the CMO would bring him a bad name,” a source said.

The chief minister has also reportedly instructed the officials to find out who had recommended Vijay Kumar to become the PRO in the CMO. It is learnt a senior minister, closer to KCR’s family, had brought Vijay Kumar into the CMO.

But subsequently, Vijay Kumar had started ignoring the same minister and dominating the entire cabinet. He reportedly carried the inside information about the minister to KCR and his internal team.

Apparently, Vijay Kumar used to take the name of KCR for doing settlements to make big money. Since he is closer to the chief minister, the officials and public representatives used to follow his instructions and entertain his orders.

“Like him, there are quite a few people in the CMO, who made big money through land settlements, real estate dealings, sand mafia and other personal activities. Now with KCR deciding to look into all their activities, they are scared. Don’t be surprised if a few more heads are rolled in the coming days,” sources said.

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