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KCR predicts maximum of 20 seats for Cong!

KCR predicts maximum of 20 seats for Cong!

With just a week left for the polling in the Telangana assembly elections, Bharat Rashtra Samithi president and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has sought to underplay the media reports that there is a Congress wave across the state.

In an attempt to boost the morale of the party leaders and cadre, KCR on Tuesday predicted that there is no possibility of the Congress increasing its strength in the assembly. 

“In the last assembly elections, the Congress got around 20 seats. This time, too, the number will not go up. The BRS will return to power with a better majority than in the past,” he said, while addressing an election rally at Madhira.

He said the Congress is not going to win.

“I am telling you with guarantee. The Congress will get the same old 20 seats. In fact, it may be less than 20. I have come to my 70th constituency visit in Madhira as part of my election campaign. There are only 30 constituencies left. If I go to all the 30 places, the Congress would be further defeated. As I am visiting (on campaign), Congress is losing,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the BRS government would be formed with an excellent majority, a couple of seats more than its majority in the past. There need not be any doubts about it, KCR said.

Speaking on the occasion, he attacked the Congress, alleging that its history was one of deceiving people.

“Congress which ruled undivided Andhra Pradesh before formation of Telangana in 2014 could not ensure adequate supply of drinking and irrigation water,” he alleged.


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