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FIRs of deceased RTC workers tampered?

FIRs of deceased RTC workers tampered?

Did the Telangana police try to tamper with the first information reports (FIRs) pertaining to suicide of two RTC employees?

The answer is yes, according to the Congress party. Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee 0fficial spokesperson Syed Nizamuddin alleged that Kulsumpura police were preparing an FIR on the suicide of RTC bus conductor B Surender Goud, stating that he had committed suicide due to ill health.

"The police were trying to avoid the mention of RTC strike and his illegal dismissal from service in the FIR. On my intervention, the FIR was corrected and family's version was added that he committed suicide due to depression and financial problems caused due to his illegal dismissal from service," he said.

Nizamuddin said similarly attempts were made to tamper with the FIR in the suicide case of RTC driver Srinivas Reddy in Khammam, he alleged.

Condemning the move, Nizamuddin alleged that the TRS Government was trying to downplay the incidents by tampering, manipulating or misrepresenting the facts. He said the same trick was applied in cases of suicide by farmers. 

More than 4,000 farmers committed suicide in Telangana in the last five years. However, the local police was apparently directed not to register FIR in those cases or mention health and personal problems as the reason for suicide. The failure of crop or farm crisis was not mentioned as the reason in majority of those FIRs. 

“By doing so, TRS Govt not only avoided payment of compensation to the affected families, but also suppressed the truth of agrarian crisis which drove thousands of farmers to suicide,” he said.