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Fact Sheet: KCR Press Meet Goes Podcast!

Fact Sheet: KCR Press Meet Goes Podcast!

Whenever Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister addresses a press conference, it increases the TRP ratings of all the television news channels, because of the huge viewership for his witty comments, outburst against the political rivals and his pot shots at the media.

Even the social media will be on the rage whenever there is a press conference of KCR and his comments are posted on the social media on a live basis, evoking huge response from the netizens.

His latest press conference on Sunday, too, has gone viral in the social media. His comments have become trending on the social media.

One of the netizens has now sought the TRS permission and got it converted into a podcast so that one could listen to it on the go.

A few days after that tweet, he himself got it converted into a podcast and posted it on Spotify.

“Here we go..!! Have converted the CM KCR Press Conference into a podcast. Now you can listen on the go on Spotify,” he tweeted.

In his tweet, he also mentioned that he would be adding other press conferences and that he would make efforts to make those available on Google podcasts as well.

Appreciating his efforts, social media users thanked him for uploading the podcast.

“Many of my non-Telugu friends are asking for a feed with subs in English, any links?” asked one of the users.

KCR, talking about the political situation in the country, called Prime Minister Narendra Modi the ‘weakest and inefficient Prime Minister India ever had’ and said the country was in a state of ‘undeclared emergency’.

He also played a video of news clips referring to politicians who jumped ship recently and joined the BJP, which had the background music of a famous detergent advertisement.

“Is BJP akin to this washing powder Nirma?” he asked, with the question playing a major role in the entire episode going viral and a hashtag, #WashingPowderNirma, also trending on Twitter.


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