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Exit polls give edge to Cong in Telangana!

Exit polls give edge to Cong in Telangana!

As observed during the pre-election surveys, the exit polls conducted by majority of the survey agencies, barring one or two, have come out with the prediction that the Congress will wrest power from the Bharat Rashtra Samithi in Telangana assembly elections polling for which was held on Thursday.

According to a survey conducted by AARAA, the Congress will win 58-67 assembly seats with a vote percentage of 41.13%, while the BRS will end up with 41-49 seats with 39.58% votes. The BJP will get 5-7 seats with 10.47% vote share and others, including MIM will get 7-9 seats.

The CNN-News 18 has predicted a hung assembly the Congress getting 56 seats and the BRS will lag behind with 48 seats. The BJP will get 10 seats and MIM tally will go down to 5.

Chanakya Strategies predicted that the Congress will get a comfortable majority of 67-78 seats, whereas the BRS will end up with 22-30 seats. The BJP will get six to nine seats and the MIM will get 6-7 seats.

Civic Polls Analysis Committee survey predicted that the Congress will come to power with 65 seats, while the BRS will get 41 seats. The BJP will get four, MIM five and the BSP two seats, it said.

The other exit poll surveys on Telangana elections are as follows:

NDTV Survey: BRS: 44, Congress: 62, BJP: 7, MIM; 5

Parthadas Survey: BRS: 40, Congress: 68 BJP: 4, MIM: 6 and others: 1

Witness Survey: BRS: 26-37, Congress: 66-77 seats, BJP: 4-9 seats, MIM: 6-7 

Political Graph: BRS: 68 seats; Congress: 38 seats, BJP: 5 seats, MIM: 7 seats.

Poll Trends and Strategies: Congress: 65-68 seats, BRS: 35-40, BJP: 7-10, Others: 6-9 positions.

Third Vision Survey: BRS: 60-68; Congress: 33-40 seats, BJP: 1-4 seats, MIM: 5-7, Others: 0-1.

Pulse Today: BRS: 69-71, Congress: 37-38, BJP: 03-05, MIM: 06, Others: 01 

Sea-Pack: Congress: 65, BRS: 41 seats, BJP: 04, Others: 09.


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