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'Desh ki neta' KCR's election speeches become boring!

'Desh ki neta' KCR's election speeches become boring!


KCR is known for excellent oratory skills and punch lines in his speeches which no other leader in Telangana could match.

In fact, his oratory skills in Telangana slang during Telangana statehood agitation days played a key role in establishing KCR as an undisputed leader in Telangana and build up Telangana movement till Telangana State was achieved.

KCR maintained his unique quality even after becoming CM of Telangana State.

But after announcing his 'national politics' ambitions and proposing to forge a Federal Front in March 2018, KCR too became boring in delivering speeches which lacked his unique punch lines, wit and humour.

This is being felt not by Opposition parties but strangely by own TRS party leaders and cadre, who say after KCR became "Deshi ki neta" his speeches have lost fire and turned uninspiring.

KCR addressed two election meetings for Lok Sabha polls so far in Karimnagar and Nizamabad.

In his over hour-long speeches at both these venues, KCR dedicated his entire time to national and international issues, which failed to appeal common public or rural voters.

KCR has nothing to talk about local issues in these meetings. He only talked about how China turned into a developed country within a short span, how US and UK were performing better in all sectors and how Singapore attained international fame which is not equal even before Hyderabad in terms of size and population.

KCR has been talking about these issues in all the meetings since March 2018. Party leaders, cadre, common people got fed up with lacklustre KCR speeches which no longer attract them and are leaving the venue even before KCR concludes his speech, which was never witnessed before.

KCR's daughter Kavitha seemed to have realised this and took precautionary measures in Nizamabad meeting from where she is seeking re-election.

Kavitha gave hour-long speech before KCR arrived at the venue focussing on TRS government's poll promises of doubling Aasara pensions, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, residential schools for BCs, SCs, STs, Minorities, sheep distribution, fish distribution schemes etc and sought votes on these schemes.

After KCR arrived at the venue, it was again a routine 'old tape' of China, USA, UK for an hour testing the patience of leaders on the dais and general public attended the meeting.

But no one is daring to tell KCR to switch back to his original speeches with punch lines on Chandrababu and Congress leaders, for which people come all over to listen from KCR.



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