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Cops suggest do's and don'ts to women!

Cops suggest do's and don'ts to women!

Whenever an incident of sexual offence on a woman takes place, there are people who always try to find fault with the victims, rather than the accused.

We have seen instances in the past when some people blamed it on the dressing of women, their movement on roads during nights and their habits for the atrocities against the women. But not many people would ask why men roam around streets in drunken state even after midnight.

Even Telangana home minister Mohd Mahmud Ali tried to find fault with the veterinary doctor who was raped and murdered four days ago on the outskirts of Hyderabad, saying she should have called the police by dialling 100, instead of talking to her sister for nearly 30 minutes.

As if it is not enough, Hyderabad police also issued an advisory to women and girls while travelling late in the nights.

The police commissioner, in the advisory, said a woman before travelling should tell her family or close relative or friend where she was going and when she would be back.

He also suggested that she should share the last location if possible. If she is travelling in a taxi or auto, she should share the picture of the number plate, contact details (written on the backside of the auto driver seat and on ID card of the taxi driver).

The other do’s and don’ts suggested by him are:

1. Get to know about the route if going to an unfamiliar place 

2. Always wait in crowded areas and in illuminated areas.Not in isolated areas . Never hesitate in giving signal to police patrol cars  or Blue colt police motorcycles in the area for help . They are for your safety and security .

3. If there is no persons visible around, you should walk to nearest shop, commercial unit and stand very close to it, so moving traffic can easily observe you.

4. Always be ready to all Dial 100.

5. Download hawk eye and put the location services on at all times.

6. In suspicious circumstances, pls ask help from passengers.

7. If there are no passengers or passer byes, act like you are talking to your relative on phone who is a police and share all the details of place and vehicles and people around you, this will scare them.

8. Be confident and talk loud when confronted. Shout for help if situation requires.

9. If you are in a helpless situation, pls shout and run towards crowded area.

Though they all appear to be notified in the best interests of the woman, they clearly indicate that a woman has no freedom to travel wherever she wants, unlike a man and should always be in a constant fear of being haunted and sexually assaulted by men. It also shows how bad the law and order situation in Telangana is!



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