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Congress High Command Gave A Shocking Surprise

Congress High Command Gave A Shocking Surprise

The issue of who is the Chief Minister of the Congress government in Telangana has reached Delhi.

Initially, everyone thought the matter would be resolved swiftly with a concise resolution. However, that didn't happen. Congress High Command gave a big shocking surprise. 

After a day filled with confusion, the focus shifted to Delhi—a scenario quite familiar in the Congress party, but an event in Telangana after almost a decade.

The name on everyone's lips is Revanth, raising expectations of a smooth resolution. Yet, contrary to expectations, complications arose.

Reports suggest that Bhatti Vikramarka and two other individuals are being considered for the role of Deputy Chief Minister, with Bhatti's name in circulation since the beginning. If he is not appointed to the position, potential challenges may emerge.

It appears the matter has been taken to Delhi to unravel this knot. Perhaps, tomorrow will bring clarity to this situation.


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