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Cong should back federal front, not vice versa!

Cong should back federal front, not vice versa!

Telangana Rashtra Samithi is not averse to joining hands with the Congress party, provided its president Rahul Gandhi opts out of the race for Prime Minister post.

This is the latest theory being proposed by TRS president and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

“As long as the Congress party does not want to be in the driver’s seat, we don’t mind working with it in the post-poll scenario,” senior TRS leader Abid Rasool Khan told a news agency.

He said the federal front would from the next government and the Congress will have to support it from outside.

“Only on this condition, our party is ready to do business with Rahul Gandhi-led Congress,” he said.

"The government would be of the federal front and Congress will have to extend support from outside. We are very firm that regional parties should be in the driver's seat. The Prime Minister's post should go to one of the constituents of the Federal Front. The prime ministerial candidate will be a consensus candidate from among the constituents (of the Federal Front)", Khan said.

"We are open to talk to them (Congress), and see whether they support us to form government. If they do, regional parties are not averse as long as they (Congress) don't come into the driver's seat", he said.

However, the proposed Federal Front is not going to align in any way with the BJP, Khan said.

"We are averse to the BJP. We do not want to have anything with the BJP, neither to support them or take their support. Most of the constituents speaking with KCR are also of the same opinion that they will not have any truck with the BJP," he said.



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