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Amit Shah Uses Lokesh For Telangana Kamma Voting?

Amit Shah Uses Lokesh For Telangana Kamma Voting?

A photograph has surfaced online showing Lokesh in a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, accompanied by Purandeshwari and Kishan Reddy. Lokesh also shared this picture on his social media account.

The image strongly suggests that Lokesh's meeting with Amit Shah was made possible through significant efforts by Purandeshwari, with the assistance of Kishan Reddy.

Setting this aside, TDP-affiliated media outlets are interpreting the situation differently and presenting their own perspective.

According to a TDP media source, in this meeting, Amit Shah expressed the opinion that a 73-year-old individual should not be subjected to detention in this manner.

The question arises: How can a Union Minister express such an opinion when there is no age restriction for imprisonment?

However, an essential aspect to consider is why Amit Shah permitted this meeting to occur at this particular moment, especially when Lokesh has been seeking it for an extended period since the arrest of his father, Chandrababu?

With the Telangana elections just 50 days away, there are clear indications that Kamma voters in the state may align themselves with the Congress, as they are dissatisfied with the BJP's association with YSRCP.

At this juncture, if the BJP conveys to Kamma voters that they are attentive to Lokesh's concerns and hint at providing support, it may potentially divert some Kamma votes from Congress to the BJP.

It underscores the fact that influential politicians meticulously choose the timing of their actions. This meeting has been orchestrated to foster goodwill among Kamma voters in Telangana and create a positive sentiment toward the BJP.

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