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A Jolt to Vakeel Saab, Key Still Leaked

A Jolt to Vakeel Saab, Key Still Leaked

What happens when films stuck at the editing rooms and other post-production facilities for months without any activity? Leaks of footage do happen.

Back in 2013, when Pawan Kalyan’s finished film, Atharintiki Daaredi, got leaked online even before the release. Samaikandhra Agitation was going on and all films stopped their releases then.

Now, the entire Telugu film industry’s activity has come to a grinding halt due to coronavirus, and now a key still from Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming release, Vakeel Saab, is out.

The actor essays the role of a lawyer in the film. The still from a crucial court scene in the film is now doing the rounds on social media.

Anjali who plays one of the three heroines can also be seen in the still. Apparently, the still got leaked from a post-production facility.
The team is in shock. It is also a wake up call for all the production houses to take enough measures for the security of their films as the corona crisis is not going to end anytime soon. They need to secure their films for months.

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