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4 held for rape, murder of Priyanka Reddy

4 held for rape, murder of Priyanka Reddy

Hyderabad: Two days after her charred body was found below a bridge in Telangana's Shadnagar town, police have arrested the culprits responsible for the horrific murder of a 27-year-old veterinarian.

Earlier today, officers familiar with the investigation had told media outlets that a truck driver and cleaner were brought in for questioning in connection to the crime along with two others.

The matter came to light on Thursday morning when locals found the charred body of a woman under the Chatanpally bridge near Shadnagar town. Local law enforcement was alerted and officers arrived at the spot in no time.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the body was that of a veterinarian who went missing from the Tondupally toll plaza the previous night. The senior superintendent of police (SSP) ordered the formation of a special team to crack the chilling murder.

According to the victim's family, she went to a clinic in Kolluru village on Wednesday afternoon. On her way back to her home in Shamshabad, she parked her scooty at a spot near the Tondupally toll plaza and took a cab to a dermatologist in Gachibowli.

She took a cab back to the same spot but found the tire of her scooty punctured upon her return. The victim placed a call to her sister at around 9:45 pm and informed her about the flat tire and how someone had offered to help.

The owner of a cycle repair shop told investigators that a boy had wheeled in the victim's two-wheeler somewhere between 9 and 10 pm on the night of the murder. Soon after, police found her footwear and pieces of her clothing at a spot not far from the toll plaza.

Also found there was an empty bottle of alcohol. This fuelled speculation that the culprits may have intentionally flattened the tire of her scooty to offer their help.

Investigators believe that she may have been sexually assaulted by the accused before they murdered her and burnt her body under the Chatanpally bridge near Telangana's Shadnagar town.

In her statement to the police, the victim's sister said that she was the last person to speak to her after which the victim's cell phone had been switched off.

The sheer brutality of this unnerving crime has sent waves of shock across the country with citizens from across India demanding justice for the 27-year-old veterinarian who was targeted and murdered by the accused.



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