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Study: Half of PM Modi's Twitter followers are fake

Study: Half of PM Modi's Twitter followers are fake

Prime minister Narendra Modi is known for his effective use of social media, especially Twitter, for matters relating to administration as well as politics. However, a recent study reveals that more than half of his followers on Twitter are fake.

A statistic put out by Twiplomacy, a digital platform which helps governments and international organisations improve their digital strategy, says that Modi has more fake followers than US president Donald Trump.

Twiplomacy, which used TwitterAudit to determine the information, has listed five world leaders and represented their account audit with a tweet saying, "Some of the most followed world leaders and their share of bot followers".

Trump, who has 47.9 million followers, has 37 per cent 'fake' followers while PM Modi who boasts of 40.3 million followers has almost double the number of fake followers – 60 per cent.

According to the data, while 16,191,426 out of Modi's 40,993,053 followers are authentic, 24,799,527 are shown to be fake.

For Trump, while 35,980,870 out of his 48,939,948 followers are real, 12,445,604 are fake.

When it comes to Congress president Rahul Gandhi's official twitter handle, @OfficeofRG, there are 3,696,460 fake accounts and just 1,715,634 real accounts.

The official Twitter account of Pope Francis also has 59 per cent fake followers. For comparison, Twiplomacy has also provided the TwitterAudits of pop star Taylor Swift and celebrity Kim Kardashian. @taylorswift13 has just 19 per cent fake followers and @kimkardashian has 44 per cent fake followers.

Twitter Audit uses an algorithm, which factors in number of tweets, date of last tweet and ratios of followers to friends to authenticate an account. It also allows you to find and block fake followers.



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