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Per-country limit for green cards must go: US lawmakers

Washington: At least six influential US lawmakers have supported the move of a group of highly-skilled Indians to remove the per country limit on the allotment of green cards, arguing that the current system was unjust to America, where 1.5 million such people were stuck in the backlog.

They argued that because of the limit on the number of individuals from a country can get the Green card or legal US residency, the wait period for highly skilled Indians could be as long as 70 years.

A group of over 200 high-skilled Indian, from diverse fields converged at the US Capitol on Monday and visited the offices of the lawmakers.

“We want America to have opened its doors open to all people. The idea that we would tell a group of people just because they happened to be from India they can’t ever get a Green card or ever become a citizen to be as anti-American. It is wrong,” Congressman Kevin Yodersaid.

“We are asking for fair and equal treatment. We are asking for justice. It’s unjust to put people in the back of a line simply because of where they were born,” he said.

Yoder is the author of the HR 392 or Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act, which seeks to eliminate per country limit. Supporting HR 392 is the “right” and “fair” thing to do, said Congressman Mike Doyle from Pittsburg. 



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