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Opinion: 'Siddham' Is Challenge- 'Ra Kadalira' Is Request

Opinion: 'Siddham' Is Challenge- 'Ra Kadalira' Is Request

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has chosen the title 'Siddham' to kickstart his political campaign in Bheemli, which has proven to be a blockbuster hit due to its innovative concept, design, and approach. The process of capturing public interest and orchestrating the entire show is something new and unprecedented.

On the other hand, Chandrababu is still stuck in an outdated concept with the title 'Ra Kadalira' for his election campaign. How old is this title? It was used sometime in 1983 by NTR.

"Nenu Siddham! Meeru siddhaamaa?" (I am ready! Are you ready?) carries a challenge and spirit, while "Raa Kadaliraa" sounds like a request, begging for support. 

It's needless to say that TDP might copy-paste the design and approach of the 'Siddham' kickstart show for its 'Ra Kadalira', as they seem drained of innovative ideas, merely following whatever works for their opponent.

Additionally, Chandrababu promises to provide 20 lakh jobs once in power. Is this a promise in the first place? How can he create so many jobs? People can't ask, and he assumes he need not answer. CBN has a record of not fulfilling any election promises in the past. Why stop at 20 lakh jobs? He could confidently claim 2 crore jobs with a 20 lakh annual package each. When something is not happening anyway, the promise can sound historically grand!

Chandrababu's power hunger is making him desperate, and his mind seems to be getting jammed. He is waiting for the BJP alliance, and that's the reason for not being able to announce the candidates. Despite the official alliance of TDP and Janasena, the BJP's indecision is preventing the announcement of tickets. How pitiful is that? The BJP, on the other hand, seems to be intentionally delaying decisions to keep TDP waiting, burning valuable time. Everyone understands this except Chandrababu.

Furthermore, the emerging clash between TDP and Janasena is because of the BJP effect. CBN has nurtured Janasena all these years with the hope that it would help rebuild the strained relationship between TDP and BJP. As nothing is moving in their favor with elections approaching, CBN is becoming restless, fearing that Janasena itself may become an unnecessary burden.

CBN is seemingly doing all this for the future of his son, Lokesh Naidu, rather than for himself. He wants to secure the CM seat for his son at least in near future, but he fails to understand that securing a CM seat is not as easy as securing a seat at Stanford University.

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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