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Opinion: Mega Family Scared of Yellow Media

Opinion: Mega Family Scared of Yellow Media

Why does Pawan Kalyan bow down to pro-TDP media? Why does he choose to stand with Chandrababu, with whom he once had tough verbal fights? Why is he with a party whose leader, Paritala Ravi, allegedly troubled Pawan Kalyan in the past?

Many allege only about 'package'. But there is another helpless reason behind. 

Chiranjeevi has a bitter past experience. It was the yellow media that attacked Praja Rajyam Party to the core and thrashed it as it posed a political competition with TDP.

It is known how Chiranjeevi wept when PRP lost miserably. Eventually, he was trolled by the same media until he merged PRP into Congress. 

In fact, close sources say that as long as Chiranjeevi holds his own party, the yellow media treats him as an enemy. So instead of bearing that antipathy with the yellow media, Chiranjeevi chose to merge the party with Congress, which also came up with a Ministerial position at the Center.

Similar experiences were seen by Pawan Kalyan as well. When he stood against TDP, he was thwarted like anything by the yellow media. He has no media of his own to stand independently.

Pawan felt he had no choice but to align with TDP to get media support. So he kept all his insults and emotions aside to keep himself at least in the 'safe' light.

So, the mega brothers shiver looking at the yellow media. They know that there wouldn't be any kind of coverage for them if they mess with TDP.

Though the yellow media and its leaders called the mega family 'alaga janam', the three brothers brushed it off and aligned with the same group to live in peace. They never show fighting spirit. They always chose a safe place to hide and live. 

So it is a kind of slavery at the feet of TDP and its allied media for the rest of their lives. But still, Janasainiks believed in Pawan Kalyan and assumed that their leader would emerge powerful and become Chief Minister.

That never happens as he chose to be a slave fearing the yellow media and also getting some personal benefits in return as well.

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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