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Opinion: Kamma Sangham Press Meet Is More Stupid

Opinion: Kamma Sangham Press Meet Is More Stupid

No one supports the reaction of Gorantla Madhav taking the community stand and criticising Kammas with demeaning words alleging that they are behind his controversial video. Sane minds call it stupid. But the press meet organized by Kamma Sangham sounds more stupid in this episode.

Almost all the members who spoke in this press meet made no sense but contributed towards developing more hatred towards the community. It is needless to say that this community has been facing a lot of criticism and antipathy from the majority voters of Andhra Pradesh due to political reasons. The repercussions are seen in the 2019 general election and in every local body election. Maybe due to the oneness of this community with TDP, or due to the social media campaign of some groups with vested interests or due to its own weaknesses, this community is not commanding the respect like it did until a decade ago.

A member in the Press Meet says, "Kammas are very strong and no one can bring them down. They come up with more vengeance like a ball hit on the ground".

These kinds of boasting lines prove to be the heights of stupidity. When a community is targeted, they should be able to play the victim card to win the hearts of other communities and neutral groups. But these statements make them more vulnerable.

Another member says, "There are all communities in all the parties. Why do you brand us with TDP? There were times when we negated the ideas of Chandrababu. But since he developed the Telangana region, we anticipate the same in AP under his rule. Keep the castes away and look towards the development of the state. I don't know if anybody uses Kammas for their political benefits".

This is another warning in the guise of expressing grievance. He is indirectly campaigning for TDP in this press meet which proves the oneness. 

"We struggle 18 hours a day. How can anyone drag us into controversies?" is another  statement.

Well, which community is not struggling for those many hours? Hard work is not related to community but personality.

Another member says- "Everybody has a caste feeling. Even Pandit Nehru used to go to his community meetings in Kashmir".

So, this means the caste feeling of Kammas should be understood as a noble act since Pandit Nehru also did something similar. 

Other members say-" Why take the name of Kamma caste? Who will spare? They will strip you and beat".

This press meet reminded of Balakrishna and Co's condemning press meet followed by Chandrababu Naidu's crying. No thought provoking line and no emotion in the entire meeting. It's a mere waste of time which brought the Kamma community not even an inch closer to the hearts of other communities.

Ganesh R.V


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