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Opinion: KA Paul Damages RK Of ABN

Opinion: KA Paul Damages RK Of ABN

KA Paul is considered to be an entertaining politician for obvious reasons. He was never taken seriously by the media. But for the first time he played left and right with ABN Radha Krishna. 

At a time, Radha Krishna got irritated and frustrated for not being able to handle the intelligent counters by KA Paul.

The recent Open Heart With RK shows that the TDP and its supporting media cannot even handle KA Paul.

KA Paul pillaged the image of TDP by cracking jokes and striking with spontaneous verbal counters.

He controlled RK by saying, "Anywhere the question should be short and the answer will be long. I answer. You listen"

Adding to this here are some interesting highlights from the interview: 

- Your anchor Venkata Krishna called me and advised me to start my party here as there is a huge vacuum. If you have guts, call him and make him part of this discussion. (to this RK changed the topic conveniently)

- "Modi brought a loan of Rs 50 lakh crore. You are talking like an uneducated person. Learn the facts first".

- "You seem to be on a mission to make Chandrababu the Chief Minister again. But he is cursed by God and crying inside and outside the Assembly".

- When RK paused after saying, "My advice to you is....", Paul continued saying, "Is it to make Chandrababu a CM?".

- Paul asked- "It is meaningful to see a new state AP is taking loans. Why is Telangana State also taking loans where they boast about surplus"?

- At times KA Paul shouted - 'What nonsense are you talking" and asked RK if he lost his mind.

At the end of the interview it appeared that KA Paul took the upper hand in the show. RK looked like a loser in front of KA Paul.

Kalyan Chakravarthy

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