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Opinion: EC's Suspicious 'Foul Play' In Andhra Pradesh

Opinion: EC's Suspicious 'Foul Play' In Andhra Pradesh

The actions of the Election Commission are becoming highly controversial and have become the topic of discussion among the people of Andhra Pradesh. 

In the first place, why has the EC changed the SPs in Anantapuram, Palnadu region, and Tirupathi before the polls? Factually, these places have been peaceful for the last five years with no faction elements and violence. Then, on what grounds did the EC change the SPs?

Well, the point to be underlined is that wherever the new SPs have come, violence erupted in a big way during the polling day. Isn't that appearing like someone must have orchestrated it to point fingers at the ruling party?

Even Ambati Rambabu stated that he was asked to oblige the House Arrest on Polling Day, stating that all candidates were asked to do so citing dangers due to unrest, but how was the opponent candidate Kanna Lakshminarayana allowed to move around freely?

The social media posts are alleging and suspecting that something fishy is going on with regard to the people involved with the EC.

After all the complaints, now EC has suspended 2 SPs. Why did it appoint them in the first place and why did it suspend them? With the suspension, it appears that the EC agreed that they committed a mistake.

A netizen wrote on social media, "They did what they wanted to do at the polling booths with new cops in place. Now the job is done. So the EC is acting as if it has responded to the complaints and suspended the SPs."

Well, apart from suspensions, why is the EC not showing its commitment to announcing the repoll where violence took place at the booth level with the breaking of EVMs and disrupting the poll, creating fear in some areas?

Moreover, wherever the violence took place, it's like the hatred was ignited among the two groups of people. The hatred may escalate to any level. Is this right policing? The cops who came temporarily have spoiled the peace of the place and left out of suspension. What a mess is this!

"Who influenced EC to change the cops? Is Chandrababu's alliance with BJP to execute this sort of backdoor games to combat the opponent?" questions a voter.

Don't the so-called sane people understand this mischief and foul play?

Another netizen criticized, suspecting the role of Prashant Kishor, stating, "All these ideas must have been given by that Prashanth Kishor who got influenced by C-grade Bhojpuri films. He is on the side of Chandrababu to make him play all nonsense."

Whatever it is, the actions of EC during AP polls are suspicious and didn't go well with the people, other than those who support TDP.

Madhunandan Akkishetty


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