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Opinion: 30 Years Prithvi's Useless Acts?

Opinion: 30 Years Prithvi's Useless Acts?

30 Years Prithvi has been known for controversies. In the starting days of his acting career he portrayed the role resembling NTR in a film intended to ridicule the TDP chief of those times. He was targetted by party men at that time. 

In due course of time, he became popular with his role in Khadgam. Prithviraj has become 30 Years Prithvi only from that moment. There was a talk at that time that he portrayed the role resembling Balakrishna, which was of course not endorsed much by many. 

Eventually, after a successful saga in films, he joined YCP and the party has honored him with a respectful position in SVBC. He tarnished the image of that position by indulging in some disgraceful activity. The controversy compelled the party high command to expel him from the position. 

He lost the position and eventually he was kept at bay by the party forces as well.

 There has been an unofficial ban on him in the film industry as well as he spoke against many film personalities when he was under the shadow of YCP.

Now the YCP is not considering him nor the film industry. So, for political support he is catching the legs of some politicians and their media houses out of desperation. 

He should understand one fact. His services might not be needed either for film industry or for political parties. That's the reason he is not being accepted by both the fields. 

He should have followed the path of Posani Krishna Murali, who is known for sharp tongue and criticizing Pawan Kalyan and others. He never plays opportunistic politics but calls a spade a spade. 

Prithvi is now talking bad about YCP sitting in other's lap. Once upon a  time he said that he wouldn't walk out from YCP till his last breath. But now he is playing his opportunist politics without any shame. 

Kiran Sharma


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