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Don't Step Into Film Industry Blindly

Don't Step Into Film Industry Blindly

Film industry has been the mass media for many decades and the affinity of the youngsters towards this was always high. 

But then, it doesn’t mean everyone who steps into working in films will shine. There needs to be a proper plan on how to take things forward. Many experienced people say that without proper film family backup one should never step into films blindly. Even then success hardly knocks the doors. 

The aspiring younsters point out the exceptions like Chiranjeevi, Nani and other heroes who shined well in spite of no film background in their families. But that rarely happens based on several other equations like time and tide. 

But still, many youngsters from rural background think that a single hit will make them heroes and flood Krishnanagar believing cinema is their life. They look at one or two people who are successful and take them as examples but do not think about the majority who are failures and still struggling after spending many years in cinema.

If someone enters cinema and fails to settle down, he can’t accept their failure and go back to regular jobs.  

One needs to have a seperate talent, endearing personality, ability to develop strong PR, luck and many other things to get some identity in film industry. This is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Testing the luck may be a reasonable choice but it is no less to gambling. 

Despite talent, even the successful candidates have to face challenges at every point. Youngsters these days have many opportunities to earn bigger that filmy people. 

They have to switch on their common sense, self assessment and shrewdness before thinking to waste time pursuing work in film industry.

Kiran Sharma

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