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What were you doing then Manmohanji?

What were you doing then Manmohanji?

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh came down heavily on the BJP-led NDA government saying that demonetisation has turned out to be a historic blunder.

Speaking in a State-wide vehicular campaign organised by the United Democratic Front against the ‘anti-people’ policies of the Central and State governments in Kerala on Friday, Dr. Singh said, “On November 8, 2016 night, Narendra Modi demonetized Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 currency notes and he said the decision was meant to unearth black money, curb terrorism, and check the flow of fake currency from Pakistan. But what have the people of India gained from this adventure except to be recipient of fresh hardships,” he asked.

Stating that the withdrawal of 86% of currency imposed severe hardships on India’s farmers and small industries and traders, Dr. Singh said that at least 100 persons died standing in queues outside banks.

“The BJP government imposed fresh hardships on the people by hastily introducing GST, soon after demonetisation. GST is an idea which had the blessings of the Congress party, but we would have implemented it after due care and adequate preparation. Our aim was One Country One Tax.”

Indeed, there may be many people who will agree with Manmohan Singh’s perspective. But the moot point is this: Why did the same Dr Singh stay silent and turn a blind eye to the unprecedented and horrific scale of corruption in the UPA rule?

Is it enough for the PM to be a honest person and his colleagues to loot the nation? Heeding the words of Dr Singh, let us assume for a moment that the Congress is voted back to power at the Centre?

What guarantee will he give that the same earlier fiasco in the name of the UPA rule will not be repeated again?

It is beyond question that the BJP is a far more honest party than the Congress and a given fact that the average Hindu feels more secure in the nation today than under the Congress.

Welcoming every Tom, Dick and Harry to our shores in the name of pseudo-secularism, what have we gained? We have lost Pakistan, Bangladesh and many regional territories because of this.

Do we not have the courage of at least a small country like Myanmar which against all so-called wise international counsel, has decided that it will not put up with the threat from the Rohingyas?

Are we to go the way of the Kashmiri Pandits, minorities in our own land? Or how about North Korea which does not hesitate to take on the United States itself?

Yes, demonetisation and GST were decisions forced on the people and there is a serious need for course correction.

Hopefully, the BJP should be able to do that by the end of its term and gain back its goodwill. But even then, it’s a far better alternative to secure the future of this nation. 

Written By Kiran Sharma



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