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Protests Mark Dallas Mahanadu

Protests Mark Dallas Mahanadu

Protests marked the Mahanadu being held at Dallas. For the first time, the event was marked with such protests.

In fact, the situation got to an extent that some TDP leaders who don't want to be named were disappointed with choosing Dallas as the venue for Mahanadu.

"We did not realize there was so much opposition against TDP. We came here with so many hopes and expected a lot of people to come. But, more than people attending the events inside, the number of protesters outside are more," they said. They pointed out that it was a total failure of the local organisers of Mahanadu.

Nearly a 100 NRIs gathered in Dallas to protest against the very first Mahanadu being held there. The protesters wore black clothes and listed out the failures of TDP government and complained specifically about the issue of special status.

All those who gathered spoke of the failure of TDP government and held placards to demonstrate their frustration.

Irrespective of caste, religion and political affiliations, the NRIs showed their resentment against the TDP government.

While many were seen leaving the venue disappointed, the TDP leaders who flew in from India were seen admonishing the local organisers. For now, it is not clear if the second day of Mahanadu will be held smoothly.

The event was already facing issues due to lack of volunteers and the leaders asked those present to focus on the issue of special status with conviction.

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