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KCR delivers perfect 'return gift' to Naidu!

KCR delivers perfect 'return gift' to Naidu!

TRS chief and Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao fulfilled his vow taken on December 11, 2018 after TRS won TS Assembly polls with a record majority, that he will give 'return gift' to TDP chief and AP CM N Chandrababu Naidu for interfering in Telangana politics

KCR's 'return gift' was to defeat Naidu in AP Assembly polls.

Today, KCR fulfilled his vow by giving 'perfect' return gift to Naidu in the form of super victory of Jagan.

Though TRS did not fare well in Lok Sabha polls today , KCR is learnt to have celebrated the defeat of Naidu in AP Assembly polls at Pragathi Bhavan with ministers and party leaders.

KCR told party leaders that "My return gift to Naidu has been delivered today in the form of Jagan. With this, the political career of Naidu and future of TDP has ended."

Though Naidu did everything to incite 'Andhra sentiment' by provoking AP voters that Jagan joined hands with anti-Andhra KCR and TRS, the AP voters rejected it and gave a massive mandate to Jagan.

KCR was double elated to fulfill his vow of giving return gift to Naidu and also successful in finishing TDP in both AP and TS.

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