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Chandrababu Will Be The Worst By 2024: JC

Chandrababu Will Be The Worst By 2024: JC

Veteran politician, TDP leader JC Diwakar Reddy never minces his words while speaking on something. His no-filter talk always becomes a hot topic in the media. 

Speaking on the developments of Local Body Elections in AP, Mr.Diwakar Reddy made sensational comments.

He said, "There is pressure on police officers, IAS officers from the government. Every government exerts pressure on government officers. But this pressure is different. They are unable to take their breath. I have not seen my collector, my SP so far. So I'm worried about the law and order now. There is a chance that the government can register a case, and send us to jail for a period of three years on the charges of distribution of money and liquor.   Elections and liquor are inseparable, and its a fact. Nobody will listen even if Mahatma Gandhi comes and tells us to stop it".

JC continued, "I told Chandrababu that he will become the worst CM after the 2024 elections.  Chandrababu is known as one of the best CMs till now but the situation will be reversed in 2024. I'm sure that people will call him a bad CM. Because the system has become like that.  Chandrababu has to become two times of Jagan to counter. Even if he tries to behave in a dignified manner, we will not allow him."

There is a comment heard in the political circles that JC is talking at his whims and fancies without any logic and reasoning. 

Many opine that JC appears to have not digested the fact that a young politician has become the CM of AP, so he is speaking without any logic and brake to his tongue.

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