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Sarath Reddy donated ₹55 cr to BJP after leaving jail

Sarath Reddy donated ₹55 cr to BJP after leaving jail

Kejriwal asserted that Sarath Reddy, the son of Aurobindo Pharma founder PV Ram Prasad Reddy, was coerced into paying the BJP a staggering ₹55 crore as protection money and called for a thorough investigation into the matter.

He alleged that Reddy purchased bonds worth ₹55 crore for the BJP.

Kejriwal criticized the ED's handling of the case, pointing out discrepancies in the presented evidence.

He accused the agency of suppressing statements that did not implicate him and creating a diversion against the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

"Where is the evidence of the proceeds or crime from the liquor scam? The ED has alleged a payment of ₹100 crore by some 'South Lobby' to AAP, yet there is no evidence of it," he said.

Despite his arrest in March 2024, following the case's registration in August 2022, Kejriwal emphasized that he has not undergone trial or faced conviction by any court.

He questioned the legitimacy of his arrest based on statements from only four approvers, particularly citing the testimony of C. Arvind, Manish Sisodia's PA.

While Kejriwal acknowledged the ED's cooperative demeanor during questioning, he questioned the authenticity of the evidence presented, particularly noting the extensive 25,000-page documentation submitted by the agency.



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