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Foreign Professionals Say No To Indian Jobs

Foreign Professionals Say No To Indian Jobs

Generally, the Indians think about their family members, friends and relatives working abroad. But the foreign professionals who work in India never come to mind. India is also home for several foreign students doing their PG and Research Work in various Universities. The second wave of pandemic made many of them fly back to their native countries. 

Now, coming to the new job opportunities in India, many foreigners are saying a firm 'no' despite the companies offering almost four times the salary. An Italian professional who was offered a top position in one of the biotech firms with almost three times the expected salary, he negated the proposal and asked to find the possibilities of working from home in Italy with half of the quoted paycheck. 

A Brazilian pharma professional was offered a job in one of the prestigious companies in South India, but he denied the proposal to join immediately. He said that he has seen enough pandemic wrath in his home country and is not ready to land up in a country that is seeing a worse situation now. 

"The availability of beds in hospitals, scarcity of oxygen cylinders and news related to the war-like catastrophe in India is spreading across the world. There is no other country on the globe that is suffering on par with India right now. India is being seen as a war inflicted nation. Remember, how we used to think about Iraq and Syria during the ISIS crisis, and Afghanistan during the post 9/11 attacks? Similar is the situation with India at present", said the CEO of a placement company in Mumbai. 

On the contrary, many of the NRIs living in the USA and other countries are leaving their jobs and landing back in India to look after their old parents in these worst times. A placement company representative said that they have been getting almost 20 calls a day from the NRI circuit to check for any job in some Indian cities for their relocation.

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