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YSCP USA Denies Fake News Allegations

YSCP USA Denies Fake News Allegations

USA: The YSRCP USA committee conveners Rathanakar Pandugayala and Guruva Reddy reacted sharply today to baseless allegations leveled against YSRCP by a section of the media instigated by TDP propagandists. 

The fake news item circulating stated that YSRCP supporters staged a protest against a fundraising visit by TDP President and AP Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu in Irving, TX.

The charge is ridiculous as there is little value for YSRCP in protesting the visit of a sitting Chief Minister, however ignoble his rule thus far in the newly bifurcated state of Andhra Pradesh has been.

The Dallas subcommittee and Dallas City in-charge members, Krishna Mohan, Ramana Putlur, and Subbu kondeddu maintained that none of the committee and or YSRCP sympathizers in Texas are involved in any way with this supposed 'protest’ or the alleged complaint to the Irving city law enforcement and has dared the TDP to prove the allegations.

Usually, fake news items are released to camouflage some of the real events taking place that are related to a specific entity.

It is likely this is an attempt to divert attention from the real news story circulating within the business community that a couple of outsourcing companies run by Naidu's supporters have been subject to raids by USCIS (The US Citizenship & Immigration Services) department.

This is yet another instance of TDP and its associates inserting completely untrue, unproven, and utterly false news in sections of the news media and online to bolster wrong claims and spread falsehoods against YSRCP. 

YSRCP USA Committee is resolved to denounce such wild rumors and claims as often as necessary.



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