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Yet another TDP leader to jump fence?

Yet another TDP leader to jump fence?

The beleaguered TDP, which has been fast losing ground all over Andhra Pradesh, particularly in north-coastal Andhra Pradesh which was once its bastion, is all set face yet another defection of its senior leader.

According to reports, a senior most woman leader from north coastal Andhra Pradesh, who had enjoyed key positions in the TDP and its government in the past, is now all set to call it quits to the party and take a plunge into the ruling YSR Congress party.

Sources said the woman TDP leader, who was in fact senior to party president N Chandrababu Naidu, had been a cabinet minister and later got elevated to a Constitutional position in the assembly. 

However, after the bifurcation of combined Andhra Pradesh in 2014, she had been pushed to back seat and completely ignored. Even in 2019 elections, she was completely sidelined.

Now, she has got the impression that there was no recognition to seniors and efficient leaders in the TDP and only those who had loud mouth were getting favours from the party. Though she tried to bring it to the notice of the high command, she was not taken seriously.

That is precisely, why she decided to shift the loyalties to the YSRC. It is learnt she along with her son might join the YSRC shortly and if it happens, it would be a big blow to the TDP in north-coastal Andhra Pradesh.

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