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Will They Ever Arrest Them?

Will They Ever Arrest Them?

The name of Sonia Gandhi and her family has cropped up in various cases of late, be it Robert Vadra’s land dealings in Haryana or the latest arms deals, the National Herald Case and the Augusta Westland case. But it is interesting to note that not a single FIR has been filed against the Gandhi family regarding any of the allegations.

The Gandhis were summoned to Court in the National Herald case only because of the personal efforts of Subramaniam Swamy. So, why hasn’t the BJP arrested a single member from the Gandhi family and sent them to jail?

It might be a tactical decision to do so! In 1977, when Indira Gandhi imposed the infamous Emergency and called for elections, she was badly routed. When the Janata Party came to power, Indira and Sanjay Gandhi were jailed for a brief period. This resulted in a huge wave of sympathy for the Gandhis and they swept the next election.

The RSS probably doesn’t want to repeat the mistake and end up making a political dimwit like Rahul Gandhi, a superstar riding the crest of a sentiment wave.

The Gandhi family is aware of this and has repeatedly dared the BJP to arrest them. None of the Gandhis might ever see the inside of a jail room but their reputations will be further gutted by the BJP in the form of more revelations. This will suit the BJP nicely.

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