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Will Rajini Enter Politics At Least Now?

Will Rajini Enter Politics At Least Now?

There were several speculations in the past about the political entry of Tamil superstar Rajini Kanth into politics. Many times, Rajini, too, evinced interest in politics, but backtracked for various reasons.

He never openly committed on whether he would enter politics or not. The speculations died down subsequently.

However, with the demise of political colossus like J Jayalalithaa, the talk of Rajini entering into politics has begun once again.

For the last two days, media circles have been discussing about Rajini’s political entry. Apparently, he thinks it is the right time to enter politics, since there is a vacuum in Tamil politics with the death of Jayalalithaa and hospitalisation of DMK chief Karunanidhi, who is also said to be on the death bed.

Sources say Rajini might not float a new party at this juncture, but will join the BJP, which is desperately trying to gain foothold in the state. This will be a big turning point in his life and for at least next two decade, he can reign supreme in Tamil politics.

However, the AIADMK is still very strong in Tamil even after the death of Jaya. It is learnt Jaya has named another popular Tamil actor Ajit as her successor and if the AIADMK ranks support him, he would emerge as a powerful alternative.

So, it will be fight between two popular film personalities in Tamil politics once again!



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