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Will Foul Mouthing Of Kodanda Help KCR?

The tone and tenor of Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s attack on Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman Prof M Kodandaram has triggered a big debate in the social media circles.

KCR has not only addressed Kodandaram in first person calling him “vaadu” and “veedu”, but also used a very foul language like “Langa,” “dikkumalinodu,” “tokkala yatra” and “bandi kinda kukka..” etc, which was highly unbecoming of a person of the chief minister’s stature.

People of Telangana enjoyed when KCR used aggressive words like “drokulu,” dopidi gallu,” “sannasulu”, “daddammalu,” etc.. against Andhra rulers, but he is now in a responsible position. People watch every movement of him and every word of him and that might even boomerang on him.

This was the opinion of many people after KCR’s press conference on Friday. While there is no doubt that KCR played a major role in achieving Telangana statehood through political means, but he cannot undermine the role of others who contributed to the movement through social organisations.

It was just a joint effort. But KCR is trying to project as if he was the only person who had brought Telangana and all others are subservient to him, which is not correct.

People might differ with Kodandaram, but nobody can question his integrity and commitment to Telangana. Assuming that he had joined with the Congress party as KCR has alleged, one wonders what is wrong in it. Does KCR think all Telanganites should support only him and his party?

So far, Kodandaram has not disclosed his political leanings. He even declared that he does not want to enter electoral politics, but will fight on people’s issues on behalf of JAC. If people think what he says is correct, they will follow him. If they are happy with the KCR government, they will definitely vote for him. But he cannot suppress the voice of dissent.

Does he mean all those who don’t vote for the TRS are Telangana betrayers?



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