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Why Seemandhra Will Be On The Back Foot

After the bifurcation of the State, if the people of Seemandhra are expecting any miracles from Chandrababu Naidu or Jagan Mohan Reddy, then they need to think again!

For Seemandhra people and especially those living in Hyderabad, the writing is pretty much clear. KCR intends to boot them out of Hyderabad so that he can lord over Telangana without any threat.

For these people to go back to their hometowns in Seemandhra is not a joke, understandably. They would gladly do so provided there was any private sector worth its name there.

But by making the mistake of putting all their eggs in one basket, Seemandhra people have paid dearly for it.

Now the focus is on developing a new capital and resolving all outstanding issues such as river-water sharing, fee reimbursement etc. There is no easy solution to these problems.

What makes matters all the more difficult for Seemandhra people is the soft stance being adopted by both Chandrababu and Jagan towards the Telangana people and KCR.

The reason behind this is that both Babu and Naidu are hopeful of coming to power in Telangana in 2019. Hence they do not want to say anything against the Telangana people that might create an adverse image for their Parties.

But how long can the people of Seemandhra put up with KCR’s vitriol without any support from their respective leaders? The State of Telangana became possible only because KCR was willing to make Seemandhra people enemies for life for the sake of the CM’s chair.

What Seemandhra needs now is exactly a leader with that kind of attitude. A leader who will fight only for the cause of the Seemandhra people, because any advantage to Telangana now would be a huge disadvantage to Seemandhra.

A strong and ruthless leader like YSR is the need of the hour for Seemandhra people, a leader who is willing to disown the Telangana people and that State for the people of Seemandhra. Judging by the recent remarks of the Telangana leaders, they probably don’t even consider themselves as Indians.

Telangana is scuttling every move of AP and trying to make life as tough as possible for AP. We need a leader exclusively focused on the welfare of Seemandhra people, not politicians hopeful of coming back to power in Telangana again and thereby continuing with their two-eye policy.

Until that happens, Seemandhra will always be on the back foot. Kiran Kumar Reddy would probably have been better off saying ‘Jai Seemandhra’ instead of ‘Jai Samaikhyandhra’ for in terms of administrative ability and ‘swimming against the tide’, he is a much better choice at the helm for Seemandhra than Jagan and Babu.

Written By Sree

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