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Why Pink Colour For Women's Polling Booths?

Why Pink Colour For Women's Polling Booths?

Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee on Tuesday strongly objected to the proposal of Election Commission of India (ECI) to set up pink polling booth for women in elections for Telangana Legislative Assembly on December 7.

"The ECI had set up pink polling booths for women with completely female staff during Karnataka Assembly elections. While this was acceptable in Karnataka, the Election Commission should not allow this in Telangana as the official colour of ruling TRS party is pink," said TPCC treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy in a statement.

He said that the Election Commission should not allow any symbols, signs, colour or text that might influence the voters.

Since TRS uses pink colour for its flags, banners and entire campaign material, Election Commission should not use pink colour on women polling booths as this would go against the spirit of fair elections.

Reddy said that the Congress party welcomes the initiatives being taken by the Election Commission to increase percentage of polling among women. However, the Commission should ensure that this is done in a fair manner without giving any scope to any political party to take advantage of its initiatives.

The Congress said both BJP and TRS worked together for the last four years and just before elections, they are enacting the drama of rivalry.

"Why it took four years for the BJP to realise that TRS was corrupt? If BJP is seriously convinced on corruption by TRS Government, why the Central Government was not ordering a CBI probe against KCR and his family?" he asked.

Gudur Narayana Reddy alleged that both BJP and TRS Governments were corrupt and anti-people and just a few days before elections, they are indulging in game of allegation-counter allegation to divert people's attention from their failures.

"People have understood that they were cheated by both PM Modi and CM KCR and they have decided to vote in favour of Congress party to put an end to the corrupt and inefficient regimes of TRS and BJP in next elections," he said.



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