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Why Is Pawan Talking On Betrayal Of Chiru?

Why Is Pawan Talking On Betrayal Of Chiru?

Ever since he floated Jana Sena Party in 2014, power star Pawan Kalyan has hardly talked about his elder brother Chiranjeevi or his Praja Rajyam Party.

Occasionally, he spoke about his brother’s mistake of merging the Praja Rajyam with the Congress, but he never made any further comments on him.

More often than not, Pawan preferred to stay away from the shadow of his brother, but grow independently.

Even in the film industry and also family relationship, Pawan maintained distance from his mega brother, though he occasionally met Chiranjeevi to seek his blessings.

So, when Pawan spoke elaborately about Chiranjeevi in Visakhapatnam on Wednesday, everybody was surprised.

He said several people had betrayed Chiranjeevi who had floated Praja Rajyam only with an intention of serving the people.

“Some rogue pests inflicted the PRP and destroyed it for their selfish motives. They backstabbed Chiranjeevi, who had a great heart for the people. I have not forgotten any of them who backstabbed my brother. I am not going to leave any one. Jana Sena will give fitting reply to such people,” he said.

The sudden recall of PRP by Pawan and his anger at the detractors of Chiranjeevi made one wonder whether the both the brothers have joined hands with each other.

There was a talk that Chiranjeevi would come out of the Congress party soon after his Rajya Sabha term is over in April 2018 and would solidly back his brother.

The entire mega family will fight together in support of Pawan Kalyan and that would give him a major boost in the elections.

Already there are reports that Pawan and Chiranjeevi will act together in the next film and that would be the new beginning in the mega journey in politics, say sources.



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